Practice Areas

Business and Corporate Law
As a law firm specializing in business and commercial law, our objective is to assist our clients in forming and implementing solutions to meet their business strategies and goals. Because of our appreciated proactive and forward thinking approach, we have developed long-term relationships with clients, which positions them to meet the challenges of the marketplace.

Who will objectively evaluate your case and provide you an honest assessment of your position? Who do you trust to represent you in the action? Who can assure you that your position and claims are being vigorously pursued or defended? Who will actively explore alternative dispute resolution methods like mediation when your interests are best served by doing so? Who will obtain results and achieve objectives? The answer is actually simple: WE WILL.

Selecting the proper legal  structure for  your  business  enterprise  takes planning  and thoughtful consideration with an experienced professional.  As business attorneys, we are particularly  astute in identifying  and anticipating threshold risk management,  liability,  governance,  ownership  and financial protection issues, which must be understood by any business owner. We take the time to learn about your business,  analyze and  forecast possible areas of concern,  and fully discuss with you options and possibilities. 

We  are  often  asked whether  a  contract has to be in writing to be valid  and  enforceable.  Our standard reply  is why would you allow the terms,  conditions  and understandings of any business transaction to be vulnerable to misunderstanding by settling for an oral contract? Indeed, properly drafted contracts are the hallmark of every successful business, no matter the business you are in. Poorly drafted contracts  or ones that are not placed in writing at all,  invariably consume valuable resources, including money, time and goodwill to straighten out once something goes wrong.

Real Estate law is defined by a vast and diverse spectrum of sizes, shapes and sub-topics. Therefore, to be able to provide principled legal advice and representation, we focus on those areas most relevant to our client base. While others encounter impasse, we search for and create solutions. That is what distinguishes us.